The 4th grade has been busy. They are currently learning about the Ten Commandments. Each week they will focus on one of the Commandments for a more in depth understanding. They visited the Stations of the Cross and looked at the stations through Mary's point of view. Decomposition and fraction equivalence is the focus in Math as they begin with the first part of this module. Physical Science is the new unit in Science. They have been having fun performing some small experiments in class.Social Studies has them occupied with the changes in society before, during, and after the Civil War. The just finished reading Maniac Magee as part of the Reading curriculum as well as part of our Anti-Bullying Campaign that we work on throughout the year. It is a great story about how one person can bring change to a racially divided community. When return from spring break we will read the classic Charlotte's Web. It will be part of the Reading curriculum as well as Religion.

As we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, let us continue to pray for peace and harmony in our local communities as well as our global community.