FOLK TALE- The folk tale is characterized by its repetitive aspect and its place in oral tradition. The folk tale uses figurative language and has one-dimensional characters.

FAIRY TALE- This is similar to the folk tale. It differs by the inclusion of magic and fantasy to further the story or resolve the plot.

CONTEMPORARY FICTION- This is a narrative told in first or third person. The plot developes from real things which happen to real people in real life.

FANTASY- This form of literature deals with the imaginary.

MYSTERY- The formula for a mystery is to create unexplained events or circumstanceswith steps leading to an explanation.

CLASSIC- Some works of literature, no matter the form, have stood the test of time and remain highly readable throughout the years. They have a universal message.

BIOGRAPHY- Biography and autobiography are a factual narrative based on the life of an individual.

FABLE- One of the oldest forms of literature. Its three characteristic are: It has a moral. It is short. & It usually invovles the perasonification of animals.

HISTORICAL FICTION- This is a narrative based on a real event in history.

SCIENCE FICTION- This is an imaginary adventure story. Its plot is built around scientific developments.

LEGEND- Based on oral tradition, it is characterized by the exaggereated retelling of a real event.

POETRY- Found in many forms poetry applies a rhythmic expression to our imagination.